Weevily X Chat

Hey Weevils!

Please read the following five, simple rules as if you do not obey them when you are in the chat box, Weevily X Team members or Moderators will ban you from the chat for a certain amount of hours or kick you from the chat completely!

  • Please do not use offensive language! Binweevils is a virtual world for kids.
  • You are not allowed to kick/ban someone (if you’re a moderator) from the chat for no reason!
  • No sexual talk!
  • No bullying anyone for any reason!
  • No dissing anyone on the chat!

Thank you! Now you can start chatting!

-Weevily X Team


11 Responses to Weevily X Chat

  1. david says:

    wow i love weevily x i come on it every time i get stuck on bw

  2. beano150 says:

    Wow! I love Weevily X and Weevily X Chat! I come on Weevily X almost every day! Weevily X2 is fantastic to! Is there any chance I could be an editor on WeevilyX2? If you don’t know what I mean, I want to be able to make my own pages and edit them! Please reply as soon as possible!


    • Hannahrose09 says:

      hey beano erm im afraid only weevil x can let you since he owns the website but sadly he hasn’t come on for a year so properly not sorry

  3. binbot8950 says:

    hey đŸ™‚

  4. Jay (flowerpower2583) says:

    hi what happens if when logging in all your bins are full?
    does that mean you cant play the game anymore?

  5. Jay (flowerpower2583) says:

    thanks so much that’s reassuring.

  6. awesome9318 says:

    hi pigster111 can i be an editor if this is those messages u dont reply just say im ignoring u plz but it would be nice if i can be i will post 5 times a week and update loads im tycoon so i make my own magazines so i no wat im doing and my names awesome9318

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