*Mystery Codes*

                   *MYSTERY CODES*

Here on the Mystery Codes page, you will find every code there is to use on Bin Weevils!

Please read the below info to help you understand how our codes are laid out, and to find
out where the codes you’re looking for are.


  • We have sorted them all out into different lists so it’s easier for you to find the code your looking for. All the latest codes will be displayed in the NEW list at the top.
  • Some codes give you the same prize. We have put the codes with the same prizes beside each other.
  • Scroll down near the bottom of this page for the Bin Weevils Top Trump codes, and be sure to vote in the poll underneath the Top Trump codes after you’ve used all the codes.
  • The latest codes will be added to the top of each list.
  • The Bin Weevils Magazine Poster Nest Items are kept together at the BOTTOM of the Nest Items list.
  • There are no codes for DOSH or SEEDS yet. We will give you the codes for DOSH and SEEDS as soon as there is some that are not ONE USE ONLY.
  • The Bin Weevils Magazine codes are ONE USE ONLY, which basically means that you will need to purchase a copy of the Bin Weevils Magazine to get them.
  • Every month, a code for 50 MULCH is posted on this page. Every month, when the next code for 50 MULCH is added to the MULCH list, the one before it will EXPIRE! Be sure to use them before they expire. The codes that have already expired, are clearly crossed out, and marked with [EXPIRED]


New – 

MERRYBINMAS50 – 50 Mulch (Credit to Hannahrose09)
– Flam’s Propeller Item
271725305257 – Zing’s Gadget Machine
TOYMASTER1112 – Toymaster Dog Item
SMYTHS2012 – SMYTHS Toy Superstore Wallpaper
BOTS27547 – Miniature Lab’s Lab Collectible
7SLIMEDIGG695KIP – Bin Weevils Mag Poster (Issue #8)


Nest Items

32WHIZZFIGG6PUNT – Flam’s Propeller Item
 – Zing’s Gadget Machine
 – Toymaster Dog Item
 – SMYTHS Toy Superstore Wallpaper
 – Miniature Lab’s Lab Collectible
– Bonfire Night Firework Wallpaper
– Halloween Poster
– Halloween Sign
– BAFTA Bin Weevils Throne
– BAFTA Bin Weevils 2012 Wallpaper
– BAFTA Bin Weevils Trophy
 – Gam Halloween Poster Item
 – Posh Halloween Poster Item (Credit to Hannahrose09)
– Scribbles Halloween Poster Item (Credit to Hannahrose09)
– Slimy Green Cauldron
– Lab’s Magic 8 Ball
– Lab’s Potion Worktable
– SWS Poster
– Golden Saxophone Item
SCRIBBLESSTAR12  – Scribbles’ Signed Celebrity Star Poster
76APPLES19 – Bowl of Apples
– Weevil Weekly 150th Issue Celebration Poster
 – Coat Stand  (Nest Item)
BUGZ3R6D6 – Nest Inspector Mirror  (Nest Item)
426NEST886 – Nest Inspector Fan Poster  (Nest Item)
zoom2012flam – Flam Poster  (Nest Item)

 – Gam & Baby Colin Picture Frame Item
 – Party Time Bin Pet House
 – Ink’s Wallpaper
– Pirate Flag Item
– SWS Poster (1)
IMAGINE2012BW – SWS Poster (2)
– Lab’s Pink Potion Jar
– Nest Inspector Portrait
– Bin Pet Ball Toys – Miniature FLIP Themed Ball
– Flip Collectors Plaque
– Flip’s Purple Superstar Floor Mat
– Collectible Gong Action Figure
– Weevil Wheels Racing Poster
– Cauldron of Green Goo
– Stained Glass Window
– Bunty Poster
– Lady Wawa Poster (Posh’s Bin Pet)
– Slime Wallpaper
– Smelly Sock Chandelier
– Doodle Poster (Scribbles’ Bin Pet)
DOSH2APPLE6RED8 – Posh’s Celebrity Poster
2413TINK4132 – Tink Jack-In-The-Box
BINPET3546 – Orange Wool Ball (Bin Pet Toy)
– Jubilee Bunting
– ”Cave Sweet Cave” Frame [EXPIRED]
– ”Fling Rocks” Poster
– Super Bling Mask [EXPIRED]
– Bunty’s Backstage VIP Passes
– Filing Cabinet
TGZ638J9A4Q – Exploding Cake
BIRTHDAY256 – Gam’s Birthday Balloons [EXPIRED]
6HSINAV – Scribbles Action Figure [EXPIRED]
19FOOTBALL11 – Bouncy Football
TINK57BLUE3DOSH7 – Bunty’s Celebrity Poster
16SCRIBBLES3 – Safari Coconut Torch
PLANET2012BW – Earth Day Wallpaper 2012
48MAGIC10 – Red Mushroom Stool
8BLOSSOM26 – Potted Sunflower [EXPIRED]
7GREEN1549FLING9 – Replica of Dosh’s Top Hat & Monocle
6REWOLF – Red Flower Mirror [EXPIRED]
CLOTT12E – Clott Jack-In-The-Box
300TINK2PET4KEY – Dosh Jack-In-The-Box
BUNTY65F – Replica Of Snappy’s First Camera
LUCKY2012GREEN – St. Patrick’s Day Poster
revocrofnur – Miniature Lab’s Lab Set
30DOSHCHAIRS – Miniature Dosh’s Palace Case
986SLD3Z7J – Exploding Bell Jar
BAFTA543 – Bin Weevils Bafta Trophy
BAFTA879 – Bin Weevils Bafta Wallpaper (1)
BAFTA4BW2011 – Bin Weevils Bafta Wallpaper (2)
FORTUNE219 – Fab’s Fortune Telling Machine
TOILET2849 – Spooky Halloween Toilet
7206696115137 – Bookcase (1)
72096115137160 – Bookcase (2)
7206696115160 – Nest Item
C6247OUTWIT – Whoopee Cushion Toy
WW100THANKYOU – Weevil Weekly Issue #100 Poster
TOXIC711 – Fish Head Item
GOGIRL711 – Love Heart Wallpaper
BUNTY – Book Monster
GREENEYE11 – Halloween Poster (1)
REDEYE10 – Halloween Poster (2)
SECRET8 – Cardboard Box Chair (1)
MYSTERY3 – Cardboard Box Chair (2)
TREAT6 – Bin Weevils Welcome Sign (1)
BIN4 – Bin Weevils Welcome Sign (2)
GIFT9 – Bin Weevils Welcome Sign (3)
MERRY24 – Milk & Cookies
FLEMMANOR2012 – Bin Weevils New Year Banner 2012
2012HAPPY – New Year Poster 2012
CLOTT1296 – Nest Item
FAW275L9Z3P4 – Bin Pet Wallpaper
16STICKER1026 – Scribbles Wall Sticker
7SLIMEDIGG695KIP – Bin Weevils Mag Poster (Issue #8)
473235 – Bin Weevils Mag Poster (Issue #7)
519253133 – Bin Weevils Magazine Poster (Issue #6)
DOSH24KEM10CROWN – Bin Weevils Magazine Poster (Issue #5)  RIGGRED5HAM7PINK – Bin Weevils Magazine Poster (Issue #4)
DOSH3PINK6GREEN3 – Bin Weevils Magazine Poster (issue #3)
9BLUE10FLAG15KIP – Bin Weevils Magazine Poster (Issue #2)
LAB19SLUDGE5RED8 – Bin Weevils Magazine Poster (Issue #1)



ww150mulch13 – 150 Mulc
– 1000 Mulch
685 – 1000 Mulch
MULCHMAG1120 – 1000 Mulch
SWSP4KJL47AF – 1000 Mulch
3RED6SCRIBBLES – 500 Mulch
SEA2012 – 500 Mulch
BINMAG50 – 50 Mulch [EXPIRED]
– 50 Mulch [EXPIRED]
– 50 Mulch [EXPIRED]
– 50 Mulch [EXPIRED]
– 50 Mulch [EXPIRED]
– 50 Mulch [EXPIRED]
– 50 Mulch [EXPIRED] (Credict To Hannahrose09) 🙂

Experience Points –

ww150xp3 – 150 XP
– 200 XP


Nest Items + Experience Points

POSHCUPCAKE6 – Chocolate Shelf/10 XP [EXPIRED]
9COCOABOWS – Cocoa Mug/25 XP
12purple4 – Lab Action Figure/20 XP
1342CLEVER3412 – Colour Changing Potion/20xp [EXPIRED]
Nest Items + Mulch

3ORANGE14 – Blue Sweet Jar/50 Mulch
36PUMPKIN18 – Orange Sweet Jar/200 Mulch
DANGERALERT454 – Green Sweet Jar/200 Mulch
CLOTT11106 – Red Sweet Jar/200 Mulch
535EGGS221 – Easter Bunny Item/200 Mulch
29PINK6 – Nest Item/200 Mulch
866SLEIGH622 – Golden Dosh Sleigh Ornament/200 Mulch
FABWAVES7 – Message In A Bottle/200 Mulch
554OCEAN222 – Pirate Flag/200 Mulch
CABDEDOSHADECB – Dosh Action Firgure/200 Mulch

Mulch + Experience Points

TYCOONISLAND6 – 200 Mulch/20 XP
343hats121 – 200 Mulch/20 exp
500SNOWFLAKE1200 – 200 Mulch/20 XP
102BONBON662 – 200 Mulch/20 XP
SANTA3525 – 200 Mulch/20 XP
167HOLIDAY1 – 500 Mulch/30 XP
Nest Items + Mulch + Experience Points

HALL13 – Pumpkin Lantern/100 Mulch/13 XP

There are no codes for DOSH yet.

There are no codes for Seeds yet.




Be sure to check back soon,

’cause we keep on adding!


226 Responses to *Mystery Codes*

  1. georgia says:

    ALL OF THOSE CODES WORKED YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. kitty4690 says:

    thank you they were ok and they worke so that is a thank you

  3. i want dosh codes says:

    i cnt belive you dont have codes for dosh

    • pigster111 says:

      There are no codes for DOSH that are not one use only yet. There may be some in packets of the Bin Weevils Trading Cards, magazines but so far, there are none that are not one use only. We do not publish and codes on this page that are one use only.

    • binbot8950 says:

      please try to get dosh ! 🙂

    • annomous says:


      • pigster111 says:

        I will say this one time, and one time only. There are NO codes for Dosh yet, but as soon as there ARE SOME, we WILL get them for you. This page displays EVERY SINGLE code there is. There isn’t a code we don’t have. So how can you suggest we get MORE, if we have them ALL, and there are no more to get?. Thank you.


  4. kittyadz says:

    thanks so much you realy made my day

  5. Hannah rose09 says:

    can you give my all the codes for bin pet stuff and bunty stuff???

  6. Hannah rose09 says:

    please me a big bin fan of them

  7. Hannah rose09 says:

    how did you make this website???

    i have been trying to make one for ages but donk know how

    • pigster111 says:

      Creating a website is very simple! I will not go through all the steps with you, as all the steps are given to you. You can sign up with WordPress.com, or Weebly.com. The choice is yours.

  8. Hannah rose 09 says:

    i mean dont know how!!!

  9. Hannah rose 09 says:

    there is a bin weevles generater for free mulch and doshbecause i dont know how do you do get it do you know ??? please say you do


    thank u sooo much ur codes are sooo good


    all the codes work! my name on binweevils is cutiepie4222 or cutiepie6694 i have two accounts i use them both


    pigster ur codes r just awsome thx sooo much for putting them up

  13. Hannah rose 09 says:

    weevil x can you reply to my other comments!!! please!!!

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  15. darbk003 says:

    wow u rock

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  18. pigster111 says:

    I would like to make one thing completely clear. This page is 100% copyright of Weevily X. It is not to be copied what so ever! We work hard to get every single code, and we expect them all to stay on this page for our viewers to use. Thank you.

  19. radiohammer says:

    Monsuno looks awsome!


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  22. Hannahrose09 says:

    wheres the top trunk codes??:):) 🙂

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  24. Hannahrose09 says:

    your website seems to be verry popular!!!
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  25. jeffin says:

    i love it pigster this is the best website ever

  26. binbot8950 says:

    this website is the best ever 🙂 u rock!!!!!! 🙂

  27. binweevil007 says:

    Thanks for all the codes, got from level 1 to level 7 in 10 minutes!!:)

  28. binbot8950 says:

    weevily x is cool 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  29. binbot8950 says:

    iv bought the new mishon its sooo hard 😦

  30. binbot8950 says:

    cool thanks! iv got a code! xp

  31. binbot8950 says:

    eny newz on the dosh bank i herd about in issue 5 plezz :/

  32. binbot8950 says:

    thanks pigster111 do u no how meny mulch it is fr one dosh? i think it is 1000 mulch fr 1 dosh! im saving iv goot 4000 i think! 🙂

  33. binbot8950 says:

    iv got a hat & a binpet !!!! cool!!!!!!!

  34. waddless says:

    i got a code 30DOSHCHAIRS

  35. iggy5030 says:

    i got a code it is lab339mulch3 and nother one it is 8doodle3yellow see gd

    • pigster111 says:

      We already have these two codes iggy. Please triple check that we do not have the code, before you comment with one. All comments with codes we already have as of this point will not be approved. Thanks anyway!

  36. awesome i am your top fan if you could add some dosh codes i would be so greatful

    • pigster111 says:

      That’s awesome ezioauditore! We really appreciate that. I’m afraid there are no codes for DOSH Coins yet. The only way you can get DOSH is by stamping your BINCARD, or by purchasing an issue of the Bin Weevils Magazine, with a code in it. As soon as there is a code for DOSH, that is not one-use-only, we’ll let you know! Thanks!

  37. waddless says:

    ive got a code slimegrime50

  38. Callum9289 says:

    There is a dosh code I have 10 dosh 🙂 😉 :mrgreen: Is in a bin mag

  39. nemistheory says:

    I nearly got all of the codes i will give u one 29pink6

  40. dusty02 says:

    At the end where you say what the code is worth, on the code at the top of the mulch codes (ww150mulch13) you spelt mulch as mulc. I just thought that I would point that out to you.

  41. send me a code for dosh pretty please im a huge fan

  42. Hannahrose09 says:

    Pigster111 everyone is going crazy about dosh codes plz try your best to find one that is not one use only if you dont you will let your fans down liek me olz try your best for me for your fans!!! xxx
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  43. waddless says:

    102bonbon662 HAS EXPIRED

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  45. inayat says:

    this is the bbbbbeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssttttttttttttt

  46. Catlover says:

    A lot were expired you should get rid of them. But thanks lots worked too.

    • pigster111 says:

      Yes thanks Catlover. We do our best to get every code, and sometimes, our fans leave a code or two in the comment section. We leave these expired codes on basically to show that they don’t work anymore. Hope you understand. – pigster111

  47. Lelia93 says:


  48. Lelia93 says:

    POSHCUPCAKE6 has expired

  49. CoolGirly79 says:

    Can you plz get some more mulch codes and plz can u get more dosh codes

    • pigster111 says:

      Hello there CoolGirly. We will get some more codes up as soon as there are some. This page currently has EVERY SINGLE CODE there is to use on Bin Weevils. We only display codes that aren’t ONE-USE-ONLY, so unfortunately, there are NO DOSH CODES. Thank you

  50. CoolGirly79 says:

    Ok but will there ever be dosh codes to use? and thanks!

  51. CoolGirly79 says:

    Your site is really good i would reccomend it to all my best buds! Can i become one of the Weevly X team with you?

  52. CoolGirly79 says:

    Im really annoyed at the mo i really need xp but you havent got any new ones! PLZ GET NEW ONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. CoolGirly79 says:

    Sorry about before m8. Wanna go out with me? I fancy you xxx

  54. Crusherhpf50 says:

    Thx alot these codes really helped me and i am very greatfull heres a code for you bunny2012hop it does work and is not expired thanks again

  55. dusty02 says:

    I love this website. It is the first place that I look every day when I go on Bin Weevils. I always come on here because it is always reliable and you always have the latest codes and events. Is there any chance that there will be an opening on your website because I would love to work on this site.

  56. Crusherhpf50 says:

    I loved all the codes they really helped me thankyou and i would be very greatfull if you could add more if necssary to you thankyou thnx alot that is really kind of you to post this vidio. Just a quick top tip ga through all the codes and check them because some of your wonderfull codes are unfotunatly expired hope to here from you soon kind reguards Crusher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • pigster111 says:

      It’s really no problem at all! We will add more codes as soon as there are some new ones to add. And unfortunately, i can not do anything about the ones that have expired. If you’ve missed them, you’ve missed them.

  57. Crusherhpf50 says:

    There are some codes for dosh uet there must be!!
    But i know there are if you search one you tube for these dish codes it will then tell you the answers There are some codes from the trading card games (You can by them at Asda they sell them there!) Also head down to the news agents they there sell some magazines where every reader gets 10 dosh All these cpdes are very usefull but i am sorry to say that i already discoverd most of them so unfortuntly the werent much help for me although some of them worked i hav now became your biggest fan and i am looking forward to all the new codes for 2013!!! As soon as i discover some new ones i will hope fully post a vidio on you tube of them and i will post a comment on here so all you guys wont miss out on any of them!!!! I hope you all hav a happy hallaweeen i am exited about all the sweets!!!!! I would be very very very greatfull if you could get some new ones for me and add them to this website . Good by , hope to here from you soon!!!!!!!

    • pigster111 says:

      Okay, i’ve said this loads of time, but people aren’t getting the message. There are NO codes for Dosh that aren’t ONE USE ONLY. This page currently shows EVERY SINGLE CODE THERE IS. There is no point in me going on a search for new ones, if i have all of them already. Thank you

  58. yasmin says:

    i love the codes but some of them say it been rennamed or something but still awsome

  59. aisha says:

    Please put a cheat for a bed and mulch codes too pleasey

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  61. Radiohammer says:

    The Code 9COCOABOWS Has Expired

  62. Radiohammer says:

    12purple4 Has Expired Too

  63. Hannahrose09 says:

    pigster111 i have a code for 50 mulch SPOOKYSLIME50

  64. Hannahrose09 says:

    thanks to all your codes and binweevils i am level 31! thanks pigster111


  66. aliceboggie says:

    they are good but the trump codes dident work for me.

    • pigster111 says:

      That shouldn’t be right. You’re sure your’re entering them correctly? We’ve had the Top Trumps displayed on this page for quite a while now and we’ve never had a complaint once. Please try again, and if they don’t work, we’ll try and completely confirm them. Thank for letting us know.

  67. Hannahrose09 says:

    dear pigster111 i have another code SCRIBBLESMAGIC

  68. Hannahrose09 says:

    dear pigster111 i have another code

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  70. Hannahrose09 says:

    pigster111 i hav another code

  71. lol says:

    Why dont you have codes for dosh but the other ones are good

  72. Hannahrose09 says:

    (rr) (rr)

  73. coolster7469 says:

    Yo pigster the codes were great and also i seen a vid of a guy called Purestash he has a dosh code for everyone it gives alot of dosh but you gotta sub comment and like but i dont have an account could you try and get the code from him everyone who subed liked and commented said it worked.

  74. Hannahrose09 says:

    dear pigster i have a code

  75. georgia says:

    hi im georgia and my binweevil name is happyhappyhappy

  76. Hannahrose09 says:

    dear pigster111 i have a code!!!

  77. Hannahrose09 says:

    pigster111 i have given you lods of codes that you havent put CREDICT TO HANNAHROSE09!!!
    why not why not why why why???????????????????

  78. Hannahrose09 says:

    dear pigster i have a code
    it awards a cut out of a ginger dog!

  79. Hannahrose09 says:

    dear pigser i have another code

  80. Hannnahrose09 says:

    i have a nother code MERRYBINMAS50 it awards you 50 mulch!!!

  81. Abbie says:

    Thank you soooooooooo much! 😀 THANK YOU!!!! ALL OF THESE CODES WORKED!!! 😀

  82. Hannnahrose09 says:

    I have a code!

  83. dusty02 says:

    I have a code: STAR7310. It is from the weekend challenge.

  84. Hannnahrose09 says:

    i have a code

  85. Hannnahrose09 says:

    I have code

  86. KAI538 says:

    i dont know if thise will work for you herd is a dose code 3b4r8mhptbjw let me know if it work

  87. loveeme says:

    I have a code 8dragon
    Add me im holly5889 clay1000 clay2000 and usmanking
    have fun an tell me loads of codes please!!!!!!!!!
    Im a fan of binweevils!!!!!!!

  88. Hannnahrose09 says:


  89. scampy56 says:

    Dont work for me and i “COPIED& PASTED”

  90. Hannahrose09 says:

    Thank you verry mutch for that comment!

  91. beano150 says:

    ALL CODES in the Nest Items + Mulch section have expired.

    (Please mark them as EXPIRED plus credit to beano150 for finding out!)

  92. Hannahrose09 says:

    Beano150 I already know that they are icspired i have only just became a member not long ago so sadly you wont get the credict

  93. fanta291 says:

    pigster yo are a binweevil legend i love ur codes

  94. laura says:

    your codes are brilliant but can you please please get some dosh codes because i am trying to save up for a room

  95. Hannahrose09 says:

    are thank you pigster

  96. milan says:

    thx guy u help me soo mulch ha ha ha and i was levle 10 now 29 omg thx

  97. meg1805 says:

    Wow they all worked but some have expired now but thnx anyways

  98. jackmurry says:

    your codes are the best but you forgot to put garden items codes on it. apart from that i rate your website a 10 ot of 5:)

    • Hannahrose09 says:

      Dear jackmurry there are no seeds that are more than on use only get issue 11 and you will get a mystery seed issue 11 is out on January 23

  99. OMG!!! dosh codes are coming next

  100. rocky says:

    the codes are good and you get money and cool nest items

  101. xman829 says:

    I HAVe a new code SLIMEFREEZE50

  102. Yasmin says:

    Im really sorry but please can i copy and paste these codes onto my website? im not copying all the pages just the codes because i want my website to look good and become succsefull. Please check it out. The website adress is : http://binweevilsmastermind.weebly.com
    All in best, khalil4243

    • Hannahrose09 says:

      Dear Yasmin,
      Of Corse You Can Copy The Codes But Plz Can You Give us the credict since Everyone in The Weevil X Team (Even Me) have tryed our best to find the codes.
      Keep on Weeviling

    • mehrab786 says:

      I don’t know what your talking about, but can you please tell me how to make a website?

      Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2013 13:46:15 +0000 To: mehrabrashid@hotmail.co.uk

  103. trashy391 says:

    Dear weevily x,
    i’m trying not to shout but i’m feeling quite annoyed because you arent replying this is a web
    yours sincerely trashy391!:)

    • Hannahrose09 says:

      Dear Trashy391 If Pigster111 is not replying To Your Comments then He Is Buzy Theres So Mutch to do we dont have mutch time but i will make sure i reply to as many of you and every other bin weevil fans as mutch as possible
      Keep On Weeviling

  104. Hannahrose09 says:

    Who Doest think Binweevils Rocks

  105. dosh208 says:

    I wish there was 6000 xp codes I used all the xp codes I need more

    • Hannahrose09 says:

      Dear Dosh208,
      When there are more xp codes i will let you know ok
      Keep On Weeviling

  106. angela says:

    can you give some xp codes because i used all of them and i need more

    • Hannahrose09 says:

      Dear Angela,
      I’m afraid there are no more xp codes yet but when i find some i will be sure to let u know on this website k
      Keep On Weeviling

  107. bin3277 says:

    i want dosh and xp and mulch codes i am on level 16 almost in level 17 chat not lost

  108. MAERIO says:

    Lots of them are expired

  109. Jasmin patel says:

    NOT all codes work!!!!!!!!!!

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