Bin Weevils Mag Issue #12 + Chance To Win 10 DOSH!

Two days ago I purchased Issue 12 of the Bin Weevils Magazine, this issue is very special  since it is the 1st anniversary of the Bin Weevils Magazine! Weevily fun activities and games, hot tips, secrets and mega-cool facts… not to mention some ZIP-tacular secret codes!

If you would like the chance to win 10 DOSH then like and comment bellow



About jim506

Hi my names James i like playing binweevils a free online game, my binweevils name is jim506 he has 1,004,343 mulch at the moment if you see me i will be away in a flash and usually hang about on tyoon island, flums fountain or riggs. cheek out my blog weevily guide
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21 Responses to Bin Weevils Mag Issue #12 + Chance To Win 10 DOSH!

  1. pigster111 says:

    cool post! exciting and well written. Keep it up!

  2. Hannahrose09 says:

    Dear Jim506,
    I know I Help put codes and stuff but is it possible if i could have the ten dosh code.
    If Your guna give it to me email me heres my email…
    Keep On Weeviling

  3. Hannahrose09 says:

    Dear Jim506,
    Its ok though because I am doing a compertition for a one use only code to (not used)
    So is is possible if i could get it????
    Keep On Weeviling

  4. Jamie42 says:

    i have 0 dosh so that will be amazing!

  5. figgy11734 says:

    hi i am scribbles [ not real scribbles i dust spelt it diffrent]

  6. ZAIM786 says:

    i love binweevils and weevil X

  7. Hannahrose09 says:

    Dear ZAIM786,
    thank you verry mutch for that lovely comment we the weevil x team work verry hard to make our weevily fans happy!
    Keep On Weeviling

  8. stink-horse says:

    so cool keep it up…..and really i love the site its really cool……..I play binweevils too and this site has done a lot of work to help weevils happy and rich!! (ps i’ve got 1 dosh but it would be cool if i had 11

    Thank you for making this site, stinky-horse

  9. stinky-horse says:

    Hi,I’m back again and i really love weevily x……Hey jim506 how did you get a car into your room, it looks soooo cool

  10. says:

    Dear jim506,
    That post was the best so when will the competition end?
    I mean like when will you give out the dosh code?
    Its just that I have a dosh code for just 10 dosh
    from issue #11 (i will give you the code if you comment
    on my email) So my email is. . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . .. . . .
    all weevils add me. Also I AM a Moderator
    on binweevils:) So, my username is Scribbles
    And if you didnt Know I check your magazines and all that
    Yours Weevily,
    Scribbles 🙂 Remember The Comment on the email 🙂

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