Hello weevils!
Weevily X Team would like to thank you all so much for you amazing support! Weevily X is growing with viewers, followers and even authors! I would like to thank beano150 and seanlego7 for helping me manage over on Weevily X2! But most of all, i would like to thank you lot so much! Weevily X couldn’t have been of any success if it wasn’t for all the viewers and followers we have received over the past few months! To think Weevily X only started this exact time five months ago! We recently held a poll and asked you all what you think of Weevily X and the results were fantastic! Check out the ‘Weevily X Ratings‘ page to see the results.

We will continue to keep you all up-to-date with anything that’s going on in the Bin such as new nest items, celebrity visits, parties, bin makeovers and so much more!!!

Thank you.



About pigster111

Hey guys! My name is pigster111. I am currently on level 61-65. I'm the owner of Weevily X, Weevily X2, and i'm also an author on Bin-Xtra2. You can find me in any Bin Server (mostly Grime) at Flum's Fountain, Tycoon Island, Rigg's Palladium or at the Shopping Mall.
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11 Responses to WEEVILY X!

  1. HelloKitty1 says:

    im the owner of binweevilstar and the author

  2. davidrwells says:

    I have thoroughly browsed your site and I must admit it’s a fun site to spend time on. I pray you guys keep up the good work!

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